Spaulding Counseling Services

Welcome to Spaulding Counseling Services

Spaulding Counseling Services is currently accepting new patients
We are currently accepting new patients/clients and have some limited time slot availability for new appointments. Appointments are limited to select weekday evenings. Both in-person appointments and secure video appointments are offered. 
Michael Spaulding specializes in treatment of Gambling Disorder, general mental health, mood disorders, addictive and compulsive behaviors, and achievement of personal wellness goals. To contact Michael Spaulding with questions or to schedule or change an appointment, please call me at (410)599-7870
Sarah Spaulding specializes in general mental health, mood disorders, family and couples issues, and services for children and adolescents. To contact Sarah Spaulding for questions or to schedule an appointment, please call (410)599-7873.
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